Strasbourg goose laying golden eggs

The golden eggs are Bureš v The Czech Republic and Kedzior v Poland and whilst I would love to provide intelligent insightful analyses of these cases right now I’m both too pleased and too overwhelmed by teaching to do so. In two weeks a colleague takes over my EU lectures and I can come back to this. Consider this a placeholder. In the meantime anyone interested in standards of treatment for people with psychosocial disabilities, or the doublebinds created by placing someone under guardianship and leaving them no effective mechanism to challenge that guardianship should read these judgments. Continue reading


Several weeks ago I was very kindly invited to give a paper at the Institute of Psychiatry concerning the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and what impact it might have on treatment for disabled people. They asked me to look beyond the issues affecting people with mental health needs and consider other disabilities too. Afterwards I said I’d place the paper on this blog and then err did not.

But here it is! The paper had to be cut to make it work as a blog post and I have added some references and as many links as I can to make it useful to readers who were not present. Continue reading