This blog is about mental health and mental capacity law. We write about cases in the courts, legislation, new policies and international human rights.

This blog is for everyone. We welcome feedback on how easy the blog is to read.

This blog is maintained by the School of Law at the University of Nottingham, but we would welcome contributions from anyone with an interest in mental health and capacity law with an idea, publication or event to promote.


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  1. Interesting in that The Equality Act 2010 does allow UK citizens characteristics, this appears to me to be outside the remit of a tribunal, Whether England, Wales, Scotland.

    If a persons characteristics are without bounds (impossible to override) when a patient is without ties to a local authority home, then why are Solicitors not encouraging patients to give up on their State agreement that of consent from universal treatment?

    Should tribunals explain the bounds of their remit to each patient to allow those whom refuse treatment and treatment that although universal these treatments are generally well tolerated? Universal and “are generally” are two statements of cannot marry, thus where is the legal recognition from the profession itself, where are these non tolerant patients given over to non medical practice although treatment?

    And why cannot mental health patients enforce characteristics or is that just no one wants them to enforce their right of removal from a monopolistic profession?

    When I contact the charity Mind on this subject, the reply were their legal team given no budget, yet they could access all additional areas of Equality Act; mind of non equality? When pre I contacted the Law Society of England, they replied be most interested in any solicitor that refused this route to defend patients’ rights.

    Equality should never evaporate when a allegation from consensus arrives, after all if you build the wrong structure, all those pay checks cannot just go away in a honest puff of smoke.

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